Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bitola, Macedonia

well, I didn't manage to finish this in one go as eyelids did start closing last night, and I did go into another attempt to get some sleep...failed again...and just when I thought I would come back here and finish this off, my attention was drawn to this tennis match between Sharapova and Ivanović...I rarely watch women's just doesn't have the thrill (for me) the men's tennis has...but damn, this one had to be like one of the most fantastic, dramatic and entertaining matches in women's tennis Ive ever seen! So I'm really thankful that I did catch that...quite a good party at 3 am :) And Im really happy Ana won the match! Not cos Sharapova didn't play well...on the whole contrary...they both were like ripping each other's eyes out..but my heart was for Ana on this one.. is already noon now...woke up a while ago...and it's such a nice nice weather outside...finally some cooler temperatures today compared to the past week that was all in the tropical-heat mode...
so feels really good now to chill out with some coffee and continue writing here...

and next comes a card that arrived as a total surprise recently! I actually think that all the Macedonian cards I receive arrive as absolute surprises

and thanks to Anita, I have my first Macedonian written and stamped card sent from Bitola! And at least I can say that this is one of the Macedonian towns that I have actually been to and have personally seen this clock tower. Because...even though Macedonia is rather small, there are just still sooo many places I haven't been to, it is embarrassing =/
According to the legends, even though the existence of the Clock Tower was mentioned before in the 1664 (17th century), present Clock Tower was built in the 1830s, in the same period when nearby, the Orthodox Church of St. Demetrious was built. It goes on saying that when the Ottoman authorities were visiting the nearby churches, they collected like 60.000 eggs, out of which they made plaster, mixing it with stones, and used that mixture to build the tower, whose firm walls have not suffered any damage until today.
It is square-shaped and 33m high.

the stamp is from a set of two definitives issued in 2013, representing architecture of different Macedonian towns - this one showing the small town of Makedonski Brod.

Фала ти многу Анита =)

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