Saturday, July 26, 2014

French Polynesia

In case you have thought that I may have packed my bags and took off somewhere, nope, unfortunately no...that's not the reason why things have been silent here...but you are rather acquainted with my excuses so I'll skip that part :)

An extended weekend is ahead, that has gone wrong before it even started...I was supposed to go to an astronomy field trip that, of course, didn't happen due to the unfavourable weather conditions...and while waiting and hoping for some weather improvements, i missed another cool event and the opportunity to go to a music festival here in the southern part of the country with some friends..they thought that i was going to the field trip so naturally, they didn't consider me in the plans.....i do believe that everything happens for a reason even though I am not always aware what that reason is...but I have to admit I do feel quite bummed right now =/
Well, I thought that doing something good may make me feel dedicating some time to a neglected blog for example...and here we are :)

Maybe not many cards for today but I hope you'll like them...and the first post has two breathtaking ones coming from that cool place of French Polynesia!

This first one arrived a few months ago for the Vacation RR, showing the probably best known of the islands, Bora Bora. (though Wikipedia disagrees and roots for Tahiti)
The island was first inhabited by Polynesian settlers around the 4th century AD, while the first European sighting was made by Jakob Roggeveen in 1722. James Cook came here around 1770. Bora Bora used to be an independent kingdom until 1888 when its last queen Teriimaevarua III was forced to abdicate by the French who annexed the island as a colony.

The stamp is from a set of 3 tourism stamps issued in 2011, where you can also see the island of Bora Bora! Really neat!

I decided to post the other FP card because the views are of the same kind, even though this one shows another of the FP island, and that is Huahine (first time I hear about it I have to admit).

Huahine s made up of two main islands, the Huahine Nui (Big Huahine)and Huahine Iti (Little Huahine, that are connected by a small bridge, which is probably like one of the main attractions here. The island itself has a population of about 6000

at first glance it may appear that there are two stamps on the card, but it is actually one stamp and a vignette....this one was also issued in 2011, for the Year of the Rabbit.
And this gorgeous Huahine card arrived back in 2011, thanks to JP!
Sometimes, realizations strike me for how long I've known some people, and it seems like it was just last year or so that we've 'met'.

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