Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Awatere Road/Rail Bridge, New Zealand

an extra cool official that arrived from New Zealand a few months ago..speaking of officials, I finally got back to them recently after a few months hiatus...im still slow at it (sending cards) but it is nice to be back...i somewhat really missed it!


from the back of the card:

The approach to the township of Seddon is via this unusual double-decker bridge on which road traffic uses the lower deck and rail the upper. Built at the end of the last century, the bridge is of great historical interest. 

I just love it!!

and the stamps are just gorgeous too! took me a while to track them down though.  The one on the left was issued in 1994, representing Adventure Sports (jet boating in particular). The one on the right is from a set of two health stamps issued in 2002, celebrating health and vitality. It is a delicious one!

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