Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mañagaha Island, Northern Mariana Islands

Hello hello! Finally managed to squeeze in at least one June update...though this one was supposed to happen like over ten days ago, it just wasnt meant to's been an extremely busy period..until now..and now hopefully now I can go all the way through it... I already mentioned in my last post on my stamps' blog that my dad installed a roof over our terrace, so now it feels so damn good to sit outside, have some coffee while writing this and feeling the nice summer breeze...yep, for a change, the summer days right now are not as hot and unbearable as they usually are...hope it stays this way..

Well, let's see what's been randomly chosen for this batch....first comes a paradise-kind-of-card from the exotic-kind-of-land of the Northern Mariana Islands!
I posted my first NMI card here, long long ago..and posting another one surely doesn't hurt..esp. when one doesn't get cards sent from there so frequently :)

And it is such such such a beautiful card...with the summer actually being here it just makes me long so much to go somewhere...though I dont really know if there would be such a chance this summer...*sniff*...but well, one can't have it all..

this lovely card shows the Mañagaha island, which is a small islet that lies off the west coast of Saipan within its lagoon. Although it has no permanent residents, Mañagaha is popular among Saipan’s tourists as a day-trip destination due to its wide sandy beaches and a number of marine activities including snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing.
Well, I surely wouldn't mind spending some days here...and you?

unfortunately, the Northern Mariana Islands use the US stamps...HOWEVER, the cancellation is a proof this has been mailed from NMI directly. It has the famous American Toleware and the American clock stamps, while the third one hasn't so commonly showed up on my stamps and it shows the Wisdom Statue at Rockefeller Center in New York City...the catalogue says it was issued in 2003, but the stamp has the 2008 printed on im a bit puzzled here...and also too lazy to check my older posts to see if I had come across this issue previously...


Bryon D said...

Beautiful scenery in that NMI postcard! You are correct, the Wisdom stamp was originally issued in 2003. It was reissued in September of 2008 and thus the 2008 date on the stamp. So, if you want to be fully up to date on your wisdom, you will need both versions! :)

Aimee Dars said...

Such a lovely scene! I'd definitely like to spend time there!