Monday, May 5, 2014

Dresden, Germany

Well now get ready for an attack of Dresden cards... when I chose to post about Dresden it was cos just recently I received a card for the FB surprise group and i knew I had like one or two more...but when I started gathering them from all the years it turned out it wasnt just one or two, but there was no turning back...Dresden was chosen, Dresden it's gonna be =)


Well, Dresden for quite some time has been on my list of places I would REALLY love to visit one day and looking at the postcards I have, the desire just grows bigger. I feel this city has some special charm that Im gonna love straightway! Plus it's not really big, around 500,000 inhabitants, so we are really like made for each other :)

the card arrived as an official from Stefanie, just this March and probably one of the loveliest views of Dresden I've seen...thought there is still one in my favourites that is my ultimate favourite and still waiting for someone to send it to me :)

Stefanie used this stamp from the joint issue with Japan, featuring UNESCO whs sites. It was issued in 2011 and shows the old town of Regensburg.

the second Dresen card came as a swap with Lothar, who sent me this multiview showing the Dresden Frauenkirche, or the Church of Our Lady.

Built in the 18th century, it is considered as an outstanding example of Protestant sacred architecture, featuring one of the largest domes in Europe.
The Frauenkirche is often called a cathedral, however it is not the seat of a bishop. Hmm, ok now I think this would clarify it for me why something is a church and why a cathedral...pardon my ignorance but these religion-related issues have never really been my strong side...

the stamp is the same as the one above....

Another card showing the Frauenkirche, this time a single view and as seen from the Neumarkt..

received this one as an absolute surprise for the Facebook Surprise group and I love it! And just look at those surrounding buildings..they look so lovely, all the same, just differing in colour...

two definitives - the yellow tulip and the crocus, both issued in 2005, and a lovely stamp issued this year, commemorating the 1250th Anniversary of Lorsch Abbey


an official received back in 2010...on the card you can see part of the old town, the Brühl's Terrace, the cathedral, the Semper Opera House...and I think that would be it...oh, of course, how could I forget the Elbe river :)

boy, it's been so long since I've seen this stamp on a card....I remember how annoyed people used to be for constantly receiving this one on their mail...but see, after a few years, it feels nice to see it again - issued in 2006 btw.

a card that is a result of a swap with Dieter...and showing Dresden from a totally different perspective...and I love it!

well, again you can get a glimpse of the Frauenkirche,  but the clouds and the foggy atmosphere surely bring a different feeling about it all...well, the back of the card also says to be showing the German Hygiene Museum, but from this angle, I have absolutely no idea which one is that...this is the first time I hear a museum to be named like that...sounds so strange....

ok, again another definitive, this one issued in 2005, and an EUROPA stamp from the last year's topic of postal vans

ok, moving on to the last card,, another multiview....yeah, I do admit im not a huge fan of multivies but I do not mind them that much...I know sometimes people just do not have a choice :)


Received this one as an official somewhere at the beginning of the year, and here you can also see the Zwinger Palace, the Academy of Arts, the Royal Palace (or the Dresden Castle), and some painting of the Elbe river...

2013 stamp commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Fehmarnsund Bridge

So, do you feel like travelling to Dresden now? I certainly do!

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