Thursday, May 1, 2014

❤ The Big Bang Theory ❤

ok, here comes a yada-dada post, so fast forward if you feel like it :)

Some of you know how much i LOVE the Big Bang Theory show...and usually I do not ask people for particular cards, but when love is in question, the heart wont listen to the I asked Bryon that in case he ever stumbles across a BBT card, to pretty please get one for me...eventually, like few weeks ago, this arrived in my mailbox...I dont remember when was the last time I've gotten so emotional over a card...I felt like crying of joy..I couldnt believe it that i have my first ever BBT card! I was so thrilled, I just couldnt catch my breath...and not many cards can brag they have evoked such feelings in me...

so what's the whole fuss with Big Bang Theory?? Well, I started watching it a few years ago after a friend of mine recommended it, but after an episode or two, I gave it up...not my cup of tea...found it boring and not funny at all...
then last year, after my dear Foxy died, I was in one of those states of mind that I had no idea what to do with myself, since I just couldnt really do anything that involved mental or physical effort...and being that im all into astronomy, people have been asking me if Im watching the show and all, and I was like, ok, lets see again why they are so thrilled about it....and that's when I fell in love at first so hooked, that I watched all the seven seasons twice in like more than a month....and that was like one of the very very few things I could enjoy doing and that made me laugh at times when all I felt like doing was crying....It's hard to describe the impact the show had on me, but that's why Im so emotionally attached to it..because it helped me through a very rough time...yeah, may sound ridiculous to some, but things like this do happen and you never know what can help you out when you feel at your worst...
And out of all the characters I totally adore Sheldon Cooper (performed by Jim Parsons). I so much wish I could have a Sheldon in real life as well - that would just look like him and have his character...and his character is one of a kind, but probably that;s why I so much adore him and what got me so hooked to the series in the first place.
They have announced three more seasons, and on one hand I love it cos it would be more and more Sheldon...on the other hand I fear that they may ruin the show in the end...because when things last for so long eventually you may run out of ideas and things may get tedious and as being written just for the sake of writing something...but still, in general I do look forward to it!

here are a few YouTube compilations featuring should really know his character and his relationship with the other characters in order to understand most of the scenes and why they are hilarious...but who knows, maybe these would also make you want give it a try and start watching the show :)


usually on these kind of cards i do not show stamps but just HAD to show these! Awesome set!

a fantastic joint issue with Sweden from 1986, plus the cute hummingbird from 2014

thank you thank you thaaaaaaaaank you Bryon! You just couldnt have made it more fantastic!! ❤


Brenda Perez said...

My postcard collection is CRAZY JEALOUS over this postcard!!!! Congratulations on getting it :D :D

Anu said...

Yay, the Big Bang Theory! That's a great card :) I used to really love this series but I have to confess I haven't watched the last couple of seasons cos I thought it was going downhill. ..maybe I should give it another chance?? I love the earlier seasons to bits, they are SO funny! And yeah, I love Sheldon, too (and rather enjoyed the scene in one of the earlier episodes where he was trying to learn Finnish :D His pronounciation was pretty rubbish... :p).

I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my husband last year (only a few episodes.. I'm pretty embarrassed I still haven't watched more of it :/) and Data (played by Brent Spiner) reminded me rather a lot of Sheldon, which made me wonder, did Jim Parsons get some inspiration from that character. Do you know??

Ana said...

Brenda, I know the feeling...I feel the same whenever I spot someone has received a Big Bang Theory card =)

Anu! That's exactly what I fear..that it will go downhill on me too...and it probably hasnt yet because I watched all seasons continuously in a very short period of time...but now when i have to wait for weeks for a new episode, I start feeling annoyed :) But no matter what, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Btw, have you watched the episode when they guys have disguised in Star Trek characters...and Sheldon plays Captain Data indeed? I was stunned at the resemblance and how much it suited him,,,

btw, I loved Star Trek when I was a kid and Data was my absolute wonder I like Sheldon now ;)

Anu said...

Ana, I do hope that won't happen to you. And the series will certainly always have a special place in my heard, too.

Yes, I did watch that episode! It was brilliant and the guys looked pretty amazing :D