Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reykjavik, Iceland

Yay! Reykjavik!! I have a number of postcards from Iceland, but this is my first and only one showing Reykjavik! (Good evening Stockholm, Reykjavik calling! - for those watching Eurovision. I stopped time ago, but still sometimes tune in for the votes...and for some reason, Reykjavik calling is something that keeps going thru my mind when thinking of Iceland's capital...and then you have this lovely lady/cool guy in the studio, with some dimmed city lights in the background, and you just get this nice warm feeling...don't know why

Anyways, Iceland is one of those countries that I would absolutely love love love to visit, so if someone plans visiting this country soon or not so soon and needs some company...don't hesitate to contact me! Though more and more I've been considering the idea of travelling alone sometimes...seriously...cos it is more and more difficult to manage to arrange a trip with someone else..and I am not really complicated when it comes to travelling (at least that is what I want to think of myself) but I do not mind long bus/car/train journeys when possible, cos it is cheaper than a plane...I do not mind staying in not so fancy hotels/hostels, as long as it is clean and I have a shower...I do not mind walking from dawn till dusk in order to see as much as possible...and I also do not mind having some lazy days and just chilling out in a cafe...the only thing one would have to bear with me is the time I usually dedicate in the hunt of postcards/post offices, and writing them =)

love the stamp! comes from a set of two Tourism stamps issued in 2013, representing the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall.

Thanks a bunch bunch to Patrik for this fantastic card and stamp!


Brenda Perez said...

I too would someday LOVE to visit here. Someday hubby and I will make it. :D

Maggie said...

That's how I am when I travel too, maybe we should go together someday. :) (You should come to Seattle!)

Ana said...

Wouldn't take too much to convince me Maggie..esp. for places like Iceland =) But it would be cool to go together somewhere, Iceland or elsewhere =) Btw, need I say you should also come to Macedonia?! :) Seattle has been on my list of places to visit...it is always so cool to go somewhere, where you can also meet someone you already sort of know :)

Brenda, I hope you will make it and your wish will come true...Iceland is simply worth it :)