Saturday, December 14, 2013

Havana Great Theatre, Cuba

Cold cold coooold!! Have I mentioned it is just soo cold!! Days are actually nice...sunny (if the sun can fight the smog and pollution actually)...but once the sun goes down, it is just freezing!! Brrrrr...-5° C...brrrrr!!

well, after I spent most of the day cleaning around, lets post some cards here...cos it's about time, no? =)

Recently Agi took a trip to Cuba (*im not jealous! im not jealous! im not jealous!*...ok, a bit :P) and that somehow reminded me that it's been a long long time since I've posted a Cuba card here...more precisely, here comes a Cuba card that that Glenn sent me last year from one of his awesome trips!

the card shows the Havana Great Theatre, and as the back of the card says: The construction began in 1907 for the Galician Centre of Havana, including the ancient Tacon Theatre and the annexed lands that completed the block. It was inaugurated in 1914 and the National Theatre the following year. Its style took as model European Baroque constructions. The sculptural groups of the facade were made by the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Moretti. It is the current site of the Havana Great Theatre and the National Ballet of Cuba.

mentioning the baroque style makes my teeth cringe, cos that's what they've been enforcing here, trying to give the city centre a new look in the....yup, baroque style.  Kitschy? Ridiculous? Outrageous? Well, you name it...but certainly ain't something to be proud of...

btw, unfortunately you can't actually see it, but this is not just an ordinary postcard, the facade of the building is raised as well as the "Cuba" letters beneath, so you can feel its those relief maps, you know? really cool!

Glenn used a really nice ship stamp issued in a set of 5 Cuban sailingstamps in 1996 for CAPEX 96.

Thank you Glenn! =)

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agi said...

koja lipa razglednica, takvu nisan vidila...nadan se da ces uskoro postati jos jednu kubansku ;) prve poslane putuju vec misec dana...tako da fingers crossed..!