Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Long Bay Beach, British Virgin Islands

Been having an "itchy" keyboard for days and weeks (ahem, have no idea if it is appropriate to use itchy in such an expression but oh well, you get my point). And as usual, so much going on, combined with my overall disorganization, leads to no blog posts, and postcards just piling and piling up....*sigh*...I don't know if those 'time management' training courses work, but sometimes I do consider signing up for one...
anyways, due to the above mentioned reasons I haven't been so active in the postcrossing world either...with some exceptions *cough cough cough* but I hope to get back on track in the following days...along with showing you the beauties arriving in my mailbox...and for today Ill start by bragging with this card I received like over a month very first written and stamped card from the British Virgin Islands!!!! Yaaaaay!! I received one from the US Virgin Islands long long ago...but it had to be years before the British ones could be added to the collection as well =)
and thats all thanks to Pat the world traveler! If I can't travel the world, at least Im happy and thankful to know people who can and who send me postcards from there!

Pat seems to have enjoyed and relaxed and maybe had a couple of cocktails at this beautiful Long Bay Beach on the island of Tortola, which is the largest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands.
The BVI Tourism describes it as a mile-long stretch of white sand beach fringed with palms and sea grapes, perfect for a tranquil sunset walk. The eastern portion is lined with a resort and guest houses, while the western end offers peaceful solitude and ideal swimming.

It is not like it makes you dream of the ocean and sandy beaches at the end of October, is it...I mean why should should enjoy the cold, gloomy, freezing days of autumn/winter....

and here comes the stamp....aaaaaaaaand, it is the Queen again...sometimes she is everywhere you turn to....this stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 2006, commemorating her Majesty's 80th anniversary.

Queen or no Queen, this card is a real gem for my collection and Im endlessly thankful to Pat for that!!