Monday, March 25, 2013

Virpi Pekkala, Finland

and one more official card for today...and I have to close this update, otherwise im gonna be really late...


To make it not all crazy about cute kind of cards..i mean, cute dogs/cats/'s ok to some extent...but cartoons and illustrations, well not my cup of tea really...just on rare occasions...and I guess this card here nailed it into one of those rare occasions...maybe the fact it was sent by a 12 year old kid adds to the overall idea about the card...but still, this little girl on the power lines just makes me smile...and dont overlook the black cat either! I cant really explain it, but as a whole, this card is just so lovely! Not that Im gonna start a collection or something, but it is nice to have this one :)
The illustration is by a Finnish artist called Virpi Pekkala, but since the websites I came across were all in Finnish, I can not give you much info...however, I browsed the google images related to her works...and I must say that the one I have is definitely one of her cutest results :)

I guess you should be familiar with these Finnish stamps...but Repetitio est mater that odd shaped one is from a set of 4 archipelago stamps, issued in 2008. While the other one was issued in 2011, in   a set of 5 stamps representing mailboxes...this big structure is more like an entire small post-office though...

ok guys, gotta go! have a nice evening! and dont forget to grab a waffle or two! :)


Anu said...

Virpi Pekkala is a pretty well-known Finnish illustrator, although not so much outside of Finland I think..

..and that definitely looks like an Easter postcard - I think the little girl is supposed to be an Easter witch, and the cat must be her companion ;)

Ana said...

not in a million years I would have guessed it is an Easter witch! She is just too cute to be a witch...though probably thats what witches do..transforming themselves as needed :)