Monday, March 11, 2013

Vatican City

And my last card for today is a great map card I received from my dear Sissel back in 2010.

what inspired me to post it today are the latest events at Vatican and the Pope resigning and blah know the story. Well, ok, I wont be bothering you with why's and what's about it...but just wanted to share something from Jimmy Kimmel's show...ok, I really don't know how he (or his team) gets the ideas for taking the piss on people..and I dont know if these people are really so ignorant, but boy, in front of the camera, they really want to assure you they are up-to-date with the latest news...I really want to believe all these kind of shows are set up and all this is just a previously rehearsed scenario and that all this is fake, for us to have a good laugh...well, I did at least..

so yes, what do YOU thin about the new Pope? hm??

see ya guys! :)

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