Monday, March 4, 2013

Southern California, USA

Next comes a card from Bryon - the US traveller :)

A spectacular view over the, as the card says, dramatic Southern California coastline. And Bryon says that it looked exactly like the postcard when he was there....ermm, need to turn off the envy button :)
I can't tell the temperature on the card, but it feels odd not to see a single human silhouette on the shores or in the waters....well, at least *I* can't see anyone...

and here comes a whole line of awesome stamps! lets see if they give me the same trouble as the turtle :)
ok, the first one is more or less known to all...issued in 2011, showing George Washington. Now, the second is from a set of two issued in 1960, representing Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. The stamp comes from a series of US stamps titled "Champion of Liberty", where each year the US postal service would portray someone they think deserved this spot.
The nest two stamps are just fantastic! Issued in 1990 in a set of 5 stamps representing Olympic winners - these two here portray Eddie Eagan ( the only person to win a gold medal at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in different events, in 1920 and 1932 respectively). The other stamp shows Helene Madison, who won three gold medals in freestyle at the 1932 Summer Olympic Games.
And the last stamp was issued in 2002, with the title, Heroes.

Thanks so much for the card Bryon! And I dont know how you got the stamps, but thank you!

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Bryon D said...

Possible those beaches are all privately owned which could explain why no one is visible. Sad in a way individuals can own their own piece of ocean and keep it from others but maybe I'm just jealous. If I could afford a piece of oceanfront, maybe I'd do it too, :)