Monday, March 25, 2013

Jaspe Waterfall, Venezuela

another crazy rainy windy day here...after a Sunday overwhelmed with sunshine...and the local election craze..but we dont get political here on the blog, so we'll just get down to business, i.e postcards!

And first comes a beautiful card from Venezuela, showing the Jaspe creek which is a river and a series of cascades and waterfalls.

well, some time last July, I arranged a swap for a Venezuelan card...but after a few months I kind of actually gave up and have forgotten about it...there are unsuccessful swaps after all...and then, one February day, to my utmost surprise, I find this card in my mailbox..intact! Not even a scratch or any kind of stain!
Unfortunately, I can not read what does the postmark say, though the sender did note the date down of July 9...however, I can't tell if July is the actual sending of the card and if it really took over 7 months to reach me...I know that Central/South American countries are infamous for their postal service...but if this is indeed the average travel time of a postcard, then those postcrossers there must have some nerves made of steel when it comes to official cards for example...boy, that is ages till your card gets registered...I mean, I myself get impatient when I see a card travelling a month...but 7 months?!!! Too much!
And Im happy it had found its way to dont get cards from Venezuela frequently :)

the place is one of those must-visit tourist spots in the Gran Sabana region in the country. It derives the name from its semi-precious rock, named Jaspe, whcih is a composure from quartz and silica, giving the rock a strong red color.

and the stamp is really beautiful...but when you see it as a part of the whole puzzle, it is even more beautiful! It presents just a piece of a larger picture of 10 stamps issued in 201, showing the Vitral de la Justicia by Alirio Rodriguez.


ady:) said...

Jao,Ana, ovaj vodopad je prekrasan Vrijedilo je cekati ;)

agi said...

its possible! i have received two postcards sent from santa elena after a year and a half ;)

Ana said...

ive gone through the official cards sent from was actually shocking to see that most of them have travelled over 100 lose my sanity if I had to wait that long for my official or any other cards to arrive :) But yeah, it was worth the wait :)