Saturday, December 8, 2012

Garðskagi Lighthouse, Iceland

next we have one more surprise from dear Sissel from her trip to Iceland earlier this year, from where she made sure she fed my hunger for Icelandic postcards...coz really, i rarely get the chance to receive a card from Iceland...

it is a lovely card, and as the back of the card would say, nature adds its impressive effects as Northern Lights spread above Garðskagi Lighthouse in southwest Iceland, on the Reykjanes peninsula.
There are two lighthouses on Garðskagi, and if im not mistaken, this should be the older one of the two...

and again, we get down to the stamps...when I look at what Sissel is putting on my cards, makes me think i should really really really try harder on my trips and get some nice, not so every day stamps to use on my cards, coz usually, what they give me at the PO is something regular...

this time we have another s/s, showing the Icelandic EUROPA issue for this see, again it is a rather matching stamp, we have a ship here, where the Garðskagi  lighthouse, probably guided it thru the rough seas to reach the shore :)
the small green stamp next to it was issued in 2007, commemorating 100 Years of Forestry in Iceland, while the third stamp is from 2009 and is another commemorative one, of Reykjavík Water Works 100th Anniversary.
Just lovely!!

and another huge thank you Sissel!!!

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