Sunday, October 14, 2012


as for my last post today, ive chosen these two Slovenian map cards I had received time time ago...but finally they see the light of the day here. I wont go much into details, coz there are a LOT of details...Ill just briefly give you a summary of whats on them.

this first map card was sent by dear Tina and here apart from the map, you have a dozen of small pictures as well, where you can see as follows:  the Triglav mountain, Bled, Ljubljana, Rogla, Maribor, Bohinj, Moravske Toplice, Ankaran, Rogaška Slatina, Radenci, Izola, Portorož, Jeruzalem, Slovenska obala, Piran, Koper, Terme Čatež and Olimje

as you can clearly see from the cancellation, the card was sent back in 2009.  the stamp was also issued that year, showing the Lovrenc Lakes on Pohorje

the other map card, which is more of the picturesque kind, was sent by dear Tanja as a surprise. here you can see a lot of landmarks all throughout the country, as well as some of the activities you can do in that part. Id love to go and fly with an air-balloon for example....and you?

hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday...and wishing you a nice week ahead as well :)

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