Friday, August 24, 2012

Indiana, USA

well, to my total dismay, some days ago I realized that my blog is actually missing cards from a few US states..yup, that's right! I dont know how I had managed that, but well, I have...just totally neglecting not one, not two, but 5 of them!! Can you believe it!! So once realized, I dug up into my collections, desperate to find something from these 5 US states forgotten by me....and the first one to cross of that list is Indiana...

well, corn seems to be one of the popular crops in Indiana, so this card does feel representative....I just wonder if it is GMO or non-GMO corn...really, you can never be sure nowadays, and corn and soybeans are on the top of the GMO list...either way, it does look nice on the card

btw, Bryon nicely told me on this card that I have no Indiana card on my blog, but I just didnt listen....just didnt listen...not surprised by myself must admit :)

if corn is of no interest to you, maybe stamps are :)
here you have a nice selection of older and newer ones...the orange eagle one did give me some trouble...and it should be a definitive issued in 1978, showing the bald eagle on an orange background, used as A postage. The stamp next to it is from a set of 4 Wildlife Conservation stamps issued in 1972. This stamps shows the cardinal, which is also Indiana's state bird.
The other two stamps show cars...the top right one comes from a set of 5 Automobiles' stamps issued in 2008, with this one showing a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, while the one below it is the Indianapolis stamp issued in 2011 (and btw, Indianapolis is also in nice matching in general :)))

thanks so much again Bryon!!


Bryon D said...

Well is it GMO corn you ask? Likely it is as supposedly 86% of our corn here is, sad to say. Not too many Studebaker's on the road any longer here as that company has long been defunct but they were beautiful cars in their time, and were manufactured in...Indiana! Happy Sunday Ana!

Jay said...

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