Monday, August 20, 2012

Georgetown, Guyana

Hello guys and gals!! Someone has finally decided to write down a few words here! Yup, as most of you know, Im back from my holidays *sniff* =/. It's been like 10 days already...and I had prepared the cards last week..but I just couldnt get down to posting...I dont know why..something always came up...or i just felt tired in general...or i was dealing with the latest touchnote addiction...khm khm khm...a rather cool thing I must you endless opportunities...though on the long run, i wont really like it...but for the time being, it's been fun...give it a try if you want, while it is still free...just that you'd need to use it through a FB account...even if you dont have one, a temp. account can always see the light of the day :)

Anyways, while I was away (and once I came back), some great mail has arrived....just that my mum sort of mixed some things up, that is, old and new cards, so it took me some time to figure it all out and put things in the right place.
And let's see where do we start off today...well, a brand new country of course!! All the way from Guyana! No, not French Guyana...this is just Guyana...though they are not far from each other...all you need to do is cross Suriname and are in the other Guyana :)

this awesome surprise comes thanks to dear Despina in Greece, who applied for the good-fairy role to help me out with my collections!! <3

The card shows two important places in Georgetown, Guyana's capital. At the top, you can see St.George's cathedral which is one of the tallest wooden church structures in the world and the second tallest wooden house of worship after the Todaiji Temple in Japan. It is an Anglican cathedral and has been designated as a national monument.

The bottom picture shows Georgetown;s National Library, which is actually very close to St.George's Cathedral (both are situated on Church street). The library celebrated its centenary in 2009 and is said to offer lending services to prisoners. Hmm, I guess that makes it special...I dont know..Ive never really researched the issue of libraries and prisoners..I know prisons should have their own entertaining areas (TV, radio, books, cards...), so I guess here things work!

the stamp comes from a set of 9 definitive butterfly stamps issued in 2003.

Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ και πάλι Δέσποινα!!
And thanks a lot to Karline too, who was kind to send me a card!


Bryon D said...

Nice postcard from a country I do not have yet, congrats Ana! I received my second Touchnote postcard today and I'm not sold yet. The photography is beautiful and the heavier card stock is impressing. I just miss the stamps, the postmark, and of course the penning of the sender, maybe I'm a traditionalist, we shall see if the fad lasts or no.

Rajko said...

Imamo istu razglednicu! :D

Ana said...

he he he, vidi stvarno Riči :) valjda nije da im toliki izbor...i markica je slična :)

Bryon, i like Touchnote for the fun of it...but only for now...i wont like it one bit if that's what postcard sending will end up being based upon...

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