Monday, August 20, 2012

Brussels, Belgium

one VERY misleading card!

unless there was an explanation on the back, I would have bet my head that this card comes from China...never in my life I would have guessed Belgium...but yeah, believe it or not, this Chinese style can be seen in Belgium's capital.
It was built in Paris for the world exhibition in 1900 and then bought by King Leopold II and rebuilt in Brussels in 1904. All the decorations are real 'made in China and brought to Europe so it does have the authentic Chinese style.

Cool, I must admit..

the stamp on the very right was issued in 2008 in a set of two flowers' stamps, this one showing a Marigold. The middle stamps is from a set of two newspapers' stamps issued in 1987, while the last, bird stamp is a definitive, showing a duck and was issued in 2010.

thanks a lot to David for such a cool card :)

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