Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dhamaka Lake, Pakistan

So, my fellow dear readers..this will be the last post before me taking off on my holidays...I cant believe it that the time has almost come! Now im in the state of panic...and in realization that I should have bought a new suitcase...mine is just NOT enough...but well, I guess Ill have to manage..Im in the middle of packing, and as usual I have no idea what to take..Im sure ill take stuff that are extra and I wont need, and that i will 'forget' something important...the beauty of all travels, eh? :))

So before I go, here is one more update, with a few lovely cards :)

First comes from dear Vera who has moved to Pakistan and who was so kind to search for some of my favourite cards so that she can send them to me! And I dont know if I had said this before, but Pakistan has AMAZING postcards and STUNNING nature in general!
The lovely card here shows the Dhamaka Lake in the Swat valley, which is situated in the north of Pakistan. It has an ancient history, but its recorded history begins with Alexander the Great, who entered Swat in 326 or 327 BC. Swat in the past used to be home to the Buddhism that spread from there to other parts of Asia (China, Bhutan, Tibet and even Japan). Many monasteries have been founded there, where Buddhist monks used to live and Buddhist teachers educated their students.
Probably another reason why this card is so appealing to me is coz it is related to Alexander, so it feels close to heart :)

Before I get down to the stamps, please take a look at the artistic beauty here..makes the card sooo beautiful and special, and I also REALLY appreciate the effort and the time that Vera took to decorate my card like this! Love it!!
As for the stamps..the one on the right was issued this year, commemorating the 150th Anniversary of St Joseph's Convent School in Karachi, while the other should be a definitive..but i cant tell exactly from which year...the other definitives of that kind were issued in 1994, but this one of Rs.28 does not seem to be among any help is welcome :) thank you soo much again dear Vera!!


Vera Mayantal said...

Dear Ana!!!!! Wow and wow!!! thank you very much for such a great post about my postcard. I'm glad that you liked my little drawing:-)

The second stamp was issued this year as well. Several month ago. Before they didn't have a stamp of 28 ruppes, there was only of 30 rupees but with the same design.
The man that you can see on the stamp is a great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah who gained independence for Pakistan. He is a founder of Pakistan and beloved national hero.

olette9 said...

I just want to say: WOW!
I looked at the list of your missing countries and I'm really jealous now. You have postcards from so many "unusual" countries...
I hope you're enjoying your holidays :) Greetings from Poland!