Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bear's Den Stone, Finland

I got this adorable card from the favourites tag! Just look at this pair of cute children.

if im not mistaken, these traditional clothing should be typical for Inari, the largest, sparsely populated municipality with four official language and the centre of the Sami culture.
And Bear's Den Stone is the English equivalent to Karhunpesäkivi, a place in this area.
I would still need some help from some of my Finnish readers....Anu? Please? :)

well, whether im right or wrong, I wish you days ahead full of love and hugs and kisses :)

the stamp is from a set of two self-adhesive Dahlias issued in 2011.
I know the Finnish issue some of the most unusual stamps...but the last one ive seen definitely beats them all so far...maybe ill get it on some postcard too :)

In the meantime, you can check it out here:

as a whole, it is crazy, no?? and just fantastic. It represents the Sami culture. Übercool!


Anu said...

That's such an adorable postcard, it's in my favourites as well :D

..and hehe, yes, those Sami stamps are pretty amazing indeed!

What else do you still need help with?

Lisa B said...

What a beautiful postcard! I used to have a doll which someone brought back from Lapland which had a similar costume.
Finnish stamps are always so cool!