Monday, February 20, 2012

St. Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana

Good Monday to you all! Finally some nice sunny days here...and all of a sudden life feels better :)

well, work's been terribly busy lately....but even though tiring, interesting im not complaining....just that as usual, im a terrible free-time manager...

anyways, let's see what do we have here for today...

I was lucky enough to reserve myself a seat in the French Guiana group...and...receive a card from there..yippie!!
What I especially love about this card, is the sky...though you do need to take a second look in order to notice it better since otherwise, the building remains in the focus...
But what building that exactly is, unfortunately I can't tell....all I know is that it is somewhere in St. Laurent du Maroni....which is a border town in north-west French Guiana and it is located on the Maroni River.
For a long time it has been the headquarters of an important association for the protection of the environment: "Le pou d'agouti", which strives for the protection of local and regional fauna and flora.

it is a pity that French Guiana does not issue its own stamps, but uses the French ones, being a French overseas department. Even the cancellations say 'France' though I guess there is something distinctive regarding the 'La Poste' number which indicates it comes from FG.
The small French stamps are rather familiar to you...but I really like this big one, issued last year for the Judo World Championship 2011. Thanks a lot to Luis for this card!

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