Monday, February 20, 2012

The Congressional Route, USA

and my last card for today is a fantastic one I received as an official not long ago! I had seen these stamps before, but had no idea there were postcards too, so I was ecstatic when I found this one in my mailbox!


the back of the card says: The slogan for the Congressional's route between New York and Washington was "Every Mile Electrified". In 1935, designer Raymond Loewy improved the looks of its GG-1 locomotives and restyled its cars' interiors. The Public Works Administration assisted the route's conversion electricity.   

If this train is right now in NY or Washington, one cant tell :)

and a bunch of very cool stamps!! apart from the prestamped one, issued in 1999 in a set of 5 stamps. The King Penguins' stamp was issued in 1992. Next to these two, on the left is a James Monroe stamp...1985 or 1986...cant tell for sure..the small birdy next to him is a bird's stamp from 1988 and last, the Navajo Jewelry stamp from 2006. Nice variety, no? :)

have a great week all!!

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