Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pompeii, Italy

a great official card arrived the other day in the mailbox!

IT- 162161

Ive ben wanting a card from Pompeii for a long time, and there it is at last! Plus it is a new contribution to my UNESCO whs collection!

I simply love such old non-existent places nowadays...there is something really appealing and fascinating about them, making you wonder about the people who had lived there, their way of life and everyday work. And more than often im fascinated with the architecture in these places and what has been achieved in that sense taking in account the available means and resources.
The specific thing about Pompeii is that it was was destroyed and completely buried during a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius spanning two days in the year AD 79. Believe it or not, the city was completely lost until accidentally rediscovered in 1749. Can you imagine how it is for a whole settlement to be wiped away? And wonder what has happened to all the inhabitants?

the card shows a number of famous places and things in Pompeii, and if anyone from Italy could send me a single view of these, id be really especially interested in the Temple of Jupiter, the main Forum, the amphitheatre, the House of the Faun and the Garden of the Fugitives.


Vincenzo, the sender, also used some really nice and not so usual stamps...or more specifically, rather older ones and also a number of these are Vatican stamps, not Italian. The top right one is from a set of 6 stamps regarding the Second Vatican concile, while the three next to it are a set of Christmas stamps. All these were issued in 1966. The bottom stamps are Italian, where the left one was issued in 1960 and is a part of a 9 stamps-set commemorating the Olympic games in Rome, while the stamp next to it was issued in 1962, representing a Counting court.  Unfortunately, there is no cancellation, so i cant tell where this card has bee mailed from, whether Vatican or Italy...and if someone actually knows maybe...are Italian stamps valid in Vatican and vice-versa?

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