Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amalienborg Castle Square, Denmark

The last card for today arrived again from Genek...this time through one of the Facebook swapping groups...I barely participate there, but this one was organized by Heather, and i thought id try my luck...and I ended up with a great card from my favourites :)))

the card shows the Royal Guards at the Amalienborg Castle Square in Copenhagen. The palace is the winter home of the Danish royal family and consists of four identical classifying palace façades
The domed structure you can see is actually Frederik's Church, and not part of the palace. While the monument shows the statue of Frederick V, and is located in the centre of the Square.

Seeing the snow on the card reminds me of the -11 degrees C outside right now....it is brrrrrr cold! when is spring finally going to come?!!

two awesome, 2012 stamps on the card! This set of two bridges' stamps represents: the Queen Alexandrine Bridge (right) and the Farø Bridges (left)

thank you again Genek! For the lovely card and stamps!!

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