Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Barn, USA

the last card for today shows a nice tranquil snowy view....speaking of which, the weather forecasts say it is going to snow on Friday...uhmm, i dont know if I should be looking forward to it or what...


the card arrived from Eddie, whom I had previously met in some of the forum sections...it is always cool to receive or send a card to people you already sort of know :)

anyways, this card shows the Red Barn, and as Eddie says, these are like a part of the landscape in Connecticut and all of New England. Once you see something like this, you know you are at home.

How cool!! Which makes me wonder, what is it so special to tell me *I* am at home

Eddie used 3 nice stamps. First is the adorable Owney the postal dog stamp issued this year from the FOREVER series. Next to it is another stamp from this year, from a set of four scientists' stamps. This one shows Melvin Calvin, a chemist. And of course, one of the trade marks of the US cards, the clock stamp :)

btw, postcards feel like a therapy indeed....just in case you didnt know ;-)

till next time....

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