Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doha, Qatar

Well, I planned to make an update yesterday since I had a day off due to a National Holiday, meaning, an extended weekend...but I just got carried away with a bunch of other stuff...so here we are today, with a mix of old and new stuff... first comes the 'old' or more precisely a card I received in 2009...

my second written and stamped card from Qatar here, which to my wild guess, shows a scene in Doha...it just seems logical to me, for this to be Doha, without any intention to look down on any other city or place in Qatar...
the card shows an offshore drilling platform, which i guess is quite common here since Qatar is an oil producing country

did you know that just last week the Emir of Qatar was here for a visit? Yeah, it was quite the news, except that I didnt get the chance to see him...neither his son....neither at one moment i had the impression a guest of such rank was here....Im just really curious to know his impressions from here...I know he had visited the Old Bazaar (my absolutely favourite place in Skopje) and since the place has been in general influenced by the Ottoman architecture, and has a lot of mosques and hammams,  he might have felt like home....

on the side note, if you ever come here, the Old Bazaar is a must....if not, im gonna drag you there :)

the stamp is from a set of 20 insects' stamps issued in 1998. Again, under the address, it said 'via Itay' (I guess they meant 'Italy', though i dont know why via Italy? and it was added additionally by a postal worker,  not the sender...

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