Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ayvalik, Turkey

I cant say im a collector of doors/windows cards, though ive seen some really nice ones out there...and I like this one too...

again coming from 2009...well, I was simply in the 2009 box....:)

this door is somewhere in Ayvalik which the sender says to mean 'quince garden'. It is a seaside town on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey.

well, quite different from the majority of Turkish cards I have...and my one and only from Ayvalik :)

the stamp is from a set of 16 definitives issued in 2005, showing provinces in Turkey. this is the Aydin province.

well, thanks for following and hope you have a great weekend ahead! :)

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TravellingPostcard said...

Congratiolations! Hopre to one day receive one myself.