Sunday, September 25, 2011

Australian Antarctic Territory

it is just unfair how quickly weekends go by....I just dread at the THOUGHT of Monday =/
Plus for some reason(s) I have this surge of negative I thought it might help if i come here and get distracted for a while from all that.....

Im rather stunned at the maxi-cards that are circulating around from the AAT! They are just amazing and so breathtaking most of the times! On a side note, i dont know if ive told you, but ive grown really fond of collecting maxi-cards...they just feel so beautiful...too bad i cant respond by sending them as well =(
AAT is the largest territory of Antarctica, claimed by any this case, Australia, of course.

Regarding the postage is Australia that has issued postage stamps for the AAT since 1957. All have been Antarctic themed, and are also valid for postage in Australia, so in practice they are just Australian stamps with a different inscription. So this in a way explains why these are commonly seen among the Australian traders. I was sort of in doubt if I should post this maxi-card, since just last time I posted an Australian one....but i decided to go for it, since it does fall as a separate item in the philatelic catalogues and this one in particular is from a set of 4 stamps issued this year, called Icebergs. The mini-sheets of all the AAT stamps are just jaw-dropping!


Heather said...

I got SO many requests for this series. I think I bought about ten packets of them and they are almost all gone!

Ana said...

im not surprised...they are all fantastic!