Friday, September 30, 2011

Alki Point Lighthouse, USA

this lovely lighthouse came as a surprise from dear Maggie, coz she saw it in my favourites!

Apart from being a lighthouse, i just love the whole picture here; the snowy mountain in the background and the sun reflection against it, compared to the white as snow lighthouse and the light glowing inside....I just LOVE the comparison here!!!

the back of the card says: "the Alki Lighthouse portrays the beauty of the Pacific Northwest"....I wonder how many lighthouses are actually there in the US and how is it possible to determine which one of them EXACTLY portrays the beauty of this or that me, they are all just outstanding!!!

Maggie used a se-tennant issue from 2010, representing the set of Negro Leagues Baseball, which pays tribute to the all–black professional baseball leagues that operated from 1920 to about 1960.

Thank you so much again Maggie!!


Bryon D said...

Beautiful view of Mt. Rainier behind the lighthouse! The Alki area where the lighthouse is located is in West Seattle and is still maintained by the US Coast Guard. I don't live too far from there and about every 2-3 months I must drive over there for one of my favorite restaurants, Ephesus. Incredibly delicious food with a Greek/Turkish theme. The Alki area also has an incredible view across the water of the Seattle waterfront.

Ana said...

you really know how to make one envious Bryon :P both for the views and the food :)