Friday, August 19, 2011

Sand Island, USA

One more of the set of lighthouses sent by Bryon....

funny, if i wasnt about to post this card, i wouldnt have realized im missing the 'Alabama' tag in this blog....i dont know if this is really my first Alabama card, but it certainly isnt something you see often here then.

The card shows the Sand Island Lighthouse, first lit in 1873. It was an active aid to navigation for 60 years. Once the central attraction on a 400-acre island off the coast of Alabama, this conical tower made of local brick, now stands alone, its foundations completely surrounded by water.

It is said that an earlier lighthouse on Sand Island was destroyed during the Civil War, on February 23, 1863 by Confederate John W. Glenn since Union Troops were occupying it. He reported the destruction to Confederate General Leadbetter, who was the original builder of the lighthouse.


along with the self-printed matching stamp, there are two other great ones on the card...the top one is from a collection of 10 "Garden of Love" stamps issued this year...the panther was issued in 2007

thank you again Bryon...and sorry for the Grand Teton equivalent you'll have to deal with, but it was the only int. stamp available all over the country...unbelievable! (yes I got the lovely Mount Baker card today...thank you so much!! And wishing you great upcoming trips!)

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Thanks for the post here and welcome back from your journeys! Bryon