Monday, August 29, 2011

Purmamarca, Argentina

I love days like these....just when the working week has started, you have a day off coz of a National Holiday....on the overall makes the entire working week much easier...that calls for an easy-going relaxing evening..and why not some cards too?

It's been a while since ive posted something Argentinian, so here is a lovely card dear Viviana sent me.

The card gives us a glimpse of the town of Purmamarca with the Cerro de Siete Colores (or the Hill of Seven Colours) looming above, with its lavenders, oranges, and yellows. People are usually able to find four out of the seven hills....they say that the colours are most clearly visible in the mornings, when the sun reflects the appropriate light on the mountain so that none of the pigments goes unnoticed by the human eye Resulting from a complex geological history, the layers of various colors have been formed by the accumulation of sea, lake and river sediments which have been deposited on the region for over 600 million years and which have later influenced the apparition of these mountains in the location they have today as a result of tectonic movements.

just lovely...and those small shops along with the cafeteria just look so cozy and authentic...wish i could visit this place one day...

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Dani said...

еј дете, таман да те консултирам за београд и гледам нема те на фб. ?!

Туку, ќе имам 3-4 саата пред лет, па си викам некоја фотосесија да му направам на Београд.

Знам дека е кратко времето де ама...

Убав ден!