Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ocracoke Lighthouse, USA

Here is a North Carolina lighthouse

from the back of the card: "Built in 1823 on Ocracoke Island near the reputed hideout of the pirate Blackbeard, Ocracoke Lighthouse is one of the oldest active lighthouses on the East Coast."
It was built it in 1823 by Noah Porter and is 23 m. tall. Its diameter narrows from 8 m at the base to 3.7 m at its peak

the US postal service seemed to be lazy when instead of a stamp used this sticker.

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Chris Overstreet said...

If you buy postage at the counter for items being mailed at that moment, the cash register spits out stickers for postage. Doesn't matter for how much or how little postage, it's much quicker than having the clerk look for the right stamp.