Tuesday, August 16, 2011


so after a longish silence, here i am back with posting....i just had to take a break from everything if i can name it that way....some of you already know about it, some are about to find out sooner or later...but in general, the break was more than good.

Of course, a lot had piled up in the meantime, and added to the mountain of postcards from before, makes me dread at the thought when am i going to actually post all those stuff?!! :)

well, without further ado, lets start today's update with what but a new written and stamped country for my collection.

and what an amazing card it is! I absolutely love this view!!
It was sent as a surprise by dear Johanna who went on a trip to the fascinating country of Mongolia....Johanna makes such trips that it makes me EXTREMELY jealous :P Mine are not even as close as exciting.....

the back of this card says: "In the higher and colder regions of the mountains, the nomads prefer yaks instead of cows. Yak's milk is very fattening".

well, as a no-milk drinker, i cant tell which one i prefer, and i havent tried yak's milk before, and being very fattening, i highly doubt id love to use it.. i mean, imagine...2 or 3 cups of coffee with milk per day and im gonna look like a barrel before you can even blink! Though I assume due to the fats, it does give a special taste to the coffee and makes it feel real smooth....

btw, i dont know why, but im somewhat fascinated with the Tibet and Mongolian people....ive seen them portrayed on other cards, and there is just something really particular and unique in their facial features that i love....esp in children....

btw 2, the blue skies in the background, at the right end of the card are just amazing!

here comes the stamp, issued in a set of 4 animals' stamps in 2004....quite appropriate for the card I must say! :)

thank you sooooooo much dear Johanna for thinking of me....I totally love this card! Thank you!! 

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