Monday, August 29, 2011

Baiana, Brazil

we started with South America, so lets finish with it as well

If you are to google the word 'baiana' you may come across some confusing and some totally unrelated definitions or websites.
But I think that the right one (or that relates to the card) is that the word 'baiana' actually means 'a woman from Bahia' where the old spelling used to be 'bahiana'. It is said that people from Bahia have a distinct culture and are very influenced by their african ancestry.

well, if we are to believe what google says :)

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aj.posts said...

Funny thing was I got a card from Salvador only two days after I watched the amazing race and that specific episode was shot there! so it made the cards feel extra special for some reason.

South America has always been such a big mystery to me and would love to venture there!