Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cove Bay, Anguilla

so another Sunday passing by....way too many errands that need to be done, but somehow I dont feel at the best shape for I have this huge urge to post some cards, finish some letters and books, write some cards as lets start doing it one by one...and for starters, another brand new country in my collection...starting with my dear letter 'A'....ladies and gentleman, please be introduced to the country of Anguilla!!!

A card which is the treat for the eyes with this sandy beach and blue waters...and what I love most about it is that it is soooo empty...meaning no others'-towels people screaming over your naughty children running around or yelling their lungs mobile phones' ringing from all sides..just a lovely peaceful time....could kill for it me thinks!

And this beautiful paradise in the Caribbean is called the Cove Bay and is located on the west end of Anguilla which is the only major beach in the area not populated with hotels (that explains the lack of crowds). Definitely the perfect kind of beach for me.

And the acknowledgment again goes to JP....honestly, Im ENDLESSLY jealous regarding all these places he's been to!

lovely stamps and a very nice and neat cancellation! The right one is from a set of 6 wild flowers' stamps issued in 2009 while the other one is from a set of 12 definitives issued in 2003, showing ships.

merci beaucoup Jean-Pierre!!


agi said...

ma nisan uopće ljubomorna, nimalo...ccc...:))) prekrasno!

Anu said...

That's beautiful!

I received your card from Madrid, thank you so much! I hope you had a great time there :)