Sunday, May 22, 2011

St. Kitts and Nevis

So, as the week comes to an end (there are less than two hours actually until Monday officially begins), it is also time to post some new cards...this past week has been crazy busy..and a two-day weekend sometimes is simply not enough to get enough rest. But well, Tuesday is a national holiday, so I think, or at least I hope, that the following week will be easier to manage.

And now lets see what Ive chosen for today....first we have a new country in my collection...wohooo!!! And again with the huge thanks to dear Glenn. You know, his blog is titled 'gems world of postcards'...and not only that he receives true gems of cards but he definitely sends such too!
This card is also sent from his latest cruise, and this time the stop was in St. Kitts and Nevis....

the card shows a real cutie! He (or maybe it's a 'she') is so adorable that I would love to hug him/her. These animals always capture me with their eyes...they simply have this timid look that wins my heart. I only really hate it when I see people using them to earn, you know, in street attractions and performances...just as with any other circus animals actually...I mean, their place is not there! I remember, when I went to Montenegro and there were this guy and his monkey and he was making the poor animal do all sorts of things to entertain the audience, even though it was obvious that the monkey wasnt in the mood for such stuff...and of course, if you recall some movies, these animals have been perfectly used for pickpocketing...and they turn to be quite good ones in the end...I wonder if the monkey business is in bloom on St. Kitts and Nevis too...
Did you know btw that, the French had imported a few vervet or green monkeys from Africa as pets during their century of rulership. When the British took over the island, they deported their enemies. However, they refused to allow the monkeys on the ships, and the primates were turned loose on the mountainous island. The tropical climate, miles of untamed rainforest, and plentiful vegetation agreed with the furry creatures, so much in fact, that today the monkey population is estimated to be two and a half times larger than the human population in this twin island federation.

and here are the stamps and cancellation...the fact which makes me more than proud to own this card coz it is a written and stamped one from such a rare country!
the stamp is a definitive issued in 2007, and it represents a sugar apple.

thank you soooo much Glenn!!! 


Dani said...

значи отварам твојот блог и чувство на срам ме облива. гарант има земја што не ја знам. хмм. гарант и многу други луѓе не ја знаат, ама не е тоа изговор, ја се сметам дека познавам (или барем сум чула за) многу земји. Да си фатам атласот у рака а? :))))

Убав сончев ден!

Jabi said...

oooh, getting a postcard from that country is really rare! I hope I will too someday :D

Congratulations! You must have been really joyful :D

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