Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Folk Clothings, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Well, after they decided to fry my brain today, I decided to put aside everything work related tonight and do something relaxing instead...otherwise i would probably collapse during 5 more hours interpreting tomorrow....quite inhuman and unacceptable...those who have 'been there' know perfectly well what Im talking about...but sometimes you just have no choice...or they dont even give you one..nor they just dont pay you for it....but as long as there are sheep (like me) to be sheared....

Thats why there are postcards to turn to and ease your mind...and the first one came this Saturday as a grand grand grand!!! surprise from dear Pinar....from a very new country to me, and that is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus!!

For a few years back Ive been checking some travel offers to this country....one reason is coz it is rather mysterious to me and not explored enough (or at all)...the other reason is coz I wanted to go there and send out a bunch of postcards coz this is considered as a hard hard to get country! But there, Pinar overtook me and decided to surprise my dear mailbox with this treat! Doesnt mean that I still dont consider going to TRNC one day.

Pinar had chosen such a beautiful card for me! It is so lovely and colourful and it is always nice to see other countries' traditional clothing....the ladies' clothes here are somehow odd...for my eyes at least...cant really explain it why....the boys' clothes feel more authentic..what I love about this card is the moment captured and the girl's smile...so cute and genuine...I wonder if this was as a part of some traditional event, ceremony, holiday...or maybe just getting ready for a regular performance....either way, a lovely card :).

and...here is the stamp! to serve as proof where this card was directly mailed from :)
the stamp is from a set of 2 issued in 2010, regarding the Islamic Conference.
Now, down to the tricky part about Northern Cyprus...as you may or may not, it is a a de facto independent state, recognized by Turkey only...but however, they have their own stamps...which makes it more than worthwhile..but...the Universal Postal Union does not recognise Northern Cyprus as a separate entity, so in case you want to mail something there, it has to go 'via Mersin 10, TURKEY'. Quite confusing that a country is not recognized by the UPU, yet mail sent with its own stamps arrive perfectly well.....

Thank you so much Pinar for such a precious piece of card! 


Postcards Crossing said...

The postcard and stamp are lovely! Incidentally, I also featured a postcard from Cyprus :) One of the stamps used was a tax refugee stamp - proceeds from its sales go directly to the refugees displaced by the war that divided the country. Politics is messing up everything!

Btw, hope you'll have a stress-free weekend. Don't work too hard :)

dmarks said...

No one recognizes this nation except for Turkey. It was "Created" in relatively recent times when Turkey decided it want to expand, so it invaded and bit off a chunk of Cyprus.