Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crimea, Ukraine

My last card for today is an official one from Ukraine.


On this card you can see the Dragons and Satyrs in front of the western side of the Massandra palace in Crimea, situated in Upper Yalta and is one of the best architectural monuments of the Southern coast of Crimea. It e was the residence of the Russian Emperor Alexander III. The palace was built in 1881 in the style of Louis XIII, under the French architect Bouchard, so the palace is often called the "Lesser of Versailles". At the palace’s and park’s balconies and terraces there are established decorative vases and sculptures depicting Greek gods, sphinxes, chimeras, satyrs, vases, tall columns, statues and fountains.

three stamps were used on this card...the left one is a definitive issued in 2008 representing a tobacco pipe...the middle one is from a set of 3 definitive stamps issued in 2007, representing a crock, while the one on the right is from a set of 18 stamps from the Fifth & Sixth issues of Definitive postage stamps of Ukraine 2001-2006...this one represents a Sweet Brier.

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