Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Consistuent Assembly, Lithuania

this card is one of the many dear Inga sent me...

this card is about the Constituent Asssembly which gathered in Kaunas on May 15, 1920. It then took the state's governance upon itself, declaring Lithuania to be a Democratic Republic. The Assembly then drafted the fundamental laws of the Lithuanian State: the Constitution (which consolidated democratic order), a Land Reform Law, and introduced the national currency - the Litas. It also founded the Lithuanian University in Kaunas in 1922. In 1926 president Stulginskis spoke on National Day festival: '...Today we commemorate the greatest event in our Nation's life - the moment, when this Lithuanian nation announced its Independence to the whole world.  In celebrating this event we should remember another, and no less important campaign - the gathering of the Constituent Assembly on the day when Lithuania started administering its internal and external affairs according to democratic parliamentary laws...' [Speeches at the May 5 celebrations]
(from the back of the card).

On the card you can see President Aleksandras Stulginkis, Prime Minister Leonas Bistras and Col. Pranas Tamasauskas, arriving at the May 15 celebrations. Kaunas, 1926

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