Sunday, May 15, 2011

Driebergen-Rijsenburg, The Netherlands

Well, next post might come out confusing coz of the amount of cards and stamps, but showing different parts of the same city, I really think it is most logical to sublime them all into one post...
All these cards come from Sietse...which reminds me that I havent sent him anything in a long long while...shame shame on me =/

The cards show the city of Driebergen-Rijsenburg, in the province of Utrecht, and the first card shows a monastery or a convent called St. Xaverius...but honestly that's my interpretation of the card, so I might be wrong as well...
since each card came written and stamp, all the stamps should be shown too, and the first card bears the 95 eurocent Nederland.

The second card shows the St. Petrus' Banden church, which is very close to the geographical centre of the Nederlands.  

Another eurocent nederland stamp....this time the 77 one :)

Well, here we come to the third card, showing a former summer retreat from bigwigs from the city, but I dont know what it is used for now. Houses like this one are common in Driebergen and one is used as a second-hand bookstore, others are restaurants and some are still occupied by residents.

77c nederland strikes again :)

the fourth card of this post shows the Temple House in a park in Driebergen, but neither Sietse nor I can tell you what it is used for

....and 77 eurocent nederland once more :)

the last card of the Driebergen series shows the  Dr. Schaepman monument. Schaepman was the first Catholic priest in the Dutch House of Commons in the times when the country was very hostile to the Roman Catholicism...

well, if you thought it was going to be 77 eurocent nederland again, you got fooled...this time we have two stamps from a set of 6 issued in 2009, representing senior people.

thank you again dear Sietse and sorry for having neglected your mailbox :( 

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