Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, my next card is one sent to me by dear Ana back in 2008....yes, you know that im VERY behind with some of my cards *blush blush blush*....but im trying to cover cards from all years now, so slowly, im catching a way...

and this card is part of a great series of Serbian cards...I have already posted the Old Mountain card, the North, the Monasteries,  the West and the South-Southeast...and this time it is time for the East :)
Ive said it before and ill say it is such a pity that Macedonia hasnt issued cards like this...they are so beautiful and also they are a sublime of certain Macedonia, the cards usually show just one place, whether it be single or multi-view...but you cant really find cards that summarize several Macedonian places for example....

Here, the upper picture shows a Fallow Deer in Vratna while the bottom, Natural Gates in Vratna River Gorge.
The picture on the right shows the 'Prskalo' Waterfall in the Južni Kučaj Mountain.

There are three large gates (natural stone bridges) over the Vratna river...they are a unique phenomenon, a specific phase in the evolution of tunnel caves and river meanders.  
It is always interesting to see and learn about unique phenomena in the world.

and a great card goes with a great stamp! being a huge tennis fan, i always appreciate tennis stamps (even ones with Roger Federer...when the collector in me starts to speak, the fan in me goes silent :P)
For those who are not familiar with tennis, this stamp shows Jelena Janković, one of the best female tennis player Serbia has produced. The set was issued in 2008, consisting of 5 stamps in total, which actually represented the Serbian Olympic tennis team.

hvala ti još jednom Anči...da ne misliš slučajno da sam zabatalila ove starije razglednice :)

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