Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Another FANTASTIC card from dear Heather. She simply knows to hit me right on the spot with her choices! 

The back of the card has some info...not quite usual for the backs of the cards, but Ill share it with you.
Low Isles. Port Douglas. "An island of paradise. A twenty minute boat trip from Port Douglas. With coral reefs surrounding this island, a clear blue sky, warm tropical waters and where sailors anchor and spend a few days." Tech: mid-morning, polarising filter, 1/125 sec., 100 ASA.

You, photographers, know what this last sentence is all about :)

And lest not forget, that the Great Barrier Reef is actually a UNESCO as well!

and apart from sending fantastic cards, Heather enjoys playing with great stamps too and often adding ones from Christmas and Cocos Islands. So here, at the very right is the Australian LIGHTHOUSE Stamp! It is from a set of 6 Island Jewels stamps issued in 2007, where this one portrays the Rottnest Island, WA.
Now regarding the other two stamps...the middle one is from Christmas Island from a set of 14 issued this year, commemorating the Year of the Rabbit; while the very left stamp is from Cocos (Keeling) Islands and was also issued this year in a set of 4 stamps portraying boats.

Thank you so much again Heather for all the splendid cards and stamps you've sent me!  

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Heather said...

Rather randomly, I dont remember sending you this card lol! But I am glad you liked it. :o)

I dont really care if swaps with people are even, if I see a card I think someone will like then I just send it off anyway because it's nice to brighten people's days sometimes!

I just got back from a holiday where I got some really nice Shark Bay (UNESCO) postcards!