Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well, one more card for today....sorry if you expected more, but there are just so many other things I have to finish...and half the weekend is almost gone =/


this is a fantastic official card I received, showing train drivers in Finland back in 1908...or 103 years ago! So precious!
Im just not sure where exactly in Finland this is guess would be Helsinki, but I dont really have something to support my assumptions....either way, it doesnt really matter, coz the card itself is just fantastic. So nostalgic too....and somehow back in this time, men so much looked alike....with the mustache most of them were wearing and the way they dressed...and I love these old locomotives...they may be outdated, but they are still so charming, arent they? :)

well, here is this new Finnish stamp that I would never guess it's a stamp if I saw it somewhere at random...probably the most unusual shape of a stamp ive received so far...and I think it is a rather problematic one coz it cant fit just anywhere...however, they are really cute...they are self-adhesive and come from a set of 5 issued for the Valentine's Day this year...called Branches of Friendship...well, it is nice to see Valentine's Day considered as Friendship also and not just as for boyfriends/girlfriends....

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yiphinwai said...

If you not state it, I would never know that is a stamp... o.O