Saturday, March 26, 2011


A GREAT day in my mailbox thanks to some people....and it's really good the postman decided to come today (he comes rather scarcely compared to previous times, and I really miss having mail on (almost) daily basis...but was a working it was a real treat and cheer-up to open my mailbox when I came home.

And one of the lovely items inside was this ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS map from Panama! Which along with another Panama card came as a great surprise from Freddy, totally unexpectedly....but surely, wholeheartedly appreciated! This map has been in my favourites for sooo long and now it is finally mine!! Yippie yippie yippie!!!
From what I could figure out from the back of the card, here is shown the division according to Indigenous you have: 1. Kuna; 2. Ngöbe-Buglé; 3. Emberá-Wounaan; 4. Teribe; 5. Bri-Bri; 6. BOKOTAS

I know it will be way too much to write about each of them ill just give you some overall information about all these.

The 2000 Census indicated that there were 285,231 indigenous people in the country, of which 61,707 were Kuna, 17,731 Buglé, 993 Bokota, 6,882 Wounaan, 169,130 Ngöbe, 3,305 Teribe, 22,485 Emberá, 2,521 Bri-bri and 477 unclassified.

The other card Freddy sent me, shows an Emberá girl, so Ill get into a bit more details of these people when the time comes :)

and some great stamps...all over the card!
The top one is from a set of 17 stamps issued in 2003 commemorating the Centenary of the Republic of Panama 1903 to 2003. The bottom stamp is from a set of 7 Tourism stamps issued in 1998.

Thank you very much again Freddy for this splendid surprise! 

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