Thursday, March 3, 2011


Another great view from Latvia......
.....but again without any info on the back regarding what the actual place on the card is. All I know is that it is  showing spring time, but where exactly in Latvia, I have no idea. The postcard operators in Latvia should really do something about this and stop selling unlabeled cards, coz one of the purposes of a postcard is to teach you something and to show you a place...and I dont see the point in that if it doesnt actually tell you which place it could in fact be just anywhere in the world...This is the website stated on the back of the card where you can see the actual picture you see on the card as well...but again, it doesnt give any actual details about the place. So any Latvian or just anybody else who may have the information where this is, is more than welcome to participate...thanks :)

The stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 1994, representing Coats of Arms.

Well, I think i better go to is a working day tomorrow after all...see you soon! 

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