Sunday, February 27, 2011


well, if you've been following the time intervals lately you probably know that unfortunately, updates happen weekly only and that today is THE day when one should it is another gloomy depressing here we go :)

Not mailed from Honduras directly, but being a map-card, it is extremely worth in the blank condition as well :)
Before this card, if you had asked me to point Honduras on the map, I would have wandered around the continent honestly....but now I think ill manage from the first attempt :)
Did you actually know that the country's former name was "Spanish Honduras" in order to distinguish it from "British Honduras" which is today's Belize? I had no idea, so I should do some further reading about this.
What I like about the countries in this part of the world is that they are often associated with fresh fruit. Now, to make it clear, im not at all fond of fruits and vegetables, but somehow, countries like this make me think of sunshine, warmth, beautiful nature, million of lovely colours and happiness. Plus I have this idea that the fruit there is much tastier than ours, and that it is 100% natural and not the kind of artificial one we get to see in our supermarkets...I mean, big, red strawberries in March or April? Por favor....or bananas and oranges and tomatoes all throughout the year....and their shape and state always feels so impeccable....something must be wrong there....

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