Sunday, February 27, 2011


My mood lately has been exactly like this...I havent felt so low for such a long period of time in a long long while....

I dont know anymore if it is all due to this depressing weather outside and that maybe things will change once springy time comes, or it is coz of certain things in life, but either way, the picture on the card describes me perfectly. And it comes from the series of Misstigri cards (the title of this particular illustration is 'Adelais')....they have a lot of lovely images, depicting people and their emotions in a nice artistic way. Apart from the Misstigri images, there is another similar artist, Anne-Julie Aubry, whose illustrations are just as lovely...sometimes actually I cant make a distinction between those two and keep thinking they are the same person...well, if you happen to have such cards, you know whom to turn to :P

have a great and cheerful week everyone! 

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Aritha said...

In the Netherlands we call it: voorjaarsmoeheid. We have a lack of sunlight and when the sun will shine again in spring, te energy returns the into our body and psyche.

Yes, this card lets see your mood. It's a very special card. I like it!