Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yonah II, USA

Dear Chris sent me this great train card for my collection

This card says to show Yonah II, which is the newest of the steam engines on the Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad line. A facsimile of one of the four engines that participated in the Great Locomotive Chase in 1862.

Now, before you jump at me, pointing out your fingers saying, but this CANT be the newest steam engine....let me clarify that im just sharing with you whats on the back of the card. This card can be called a real treasure since it is not a state-of-the-art one, but dates back from, I dont know exactly how many copies have remained of this one, what do you think? surely not even close to how many copies you can find of a card printed nowadays. So thanks a million to Chris for sharing this one with me.

If you are wondering about Yonah..the current train is a 1940s replica, but there is a miniature golf course themed after the 1862 event.

the Grand Teton stamp...with Chris's own mailer postmark permit...darn, i would love one too!! Santa!! Can you hear me??!! Santa??!!!!

Thanks  bunch Chris!

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