Friday, December 24, 2010

Torghatten, Norway

For the end, I will let you enjoy another one of my precious, breath-taking Norwegian cards :)

I had this card in my favourites for a long while...actually, I think this was one of the first Norwegian cards I had favourited...and my dear Norwegian fairy took care that I have it in my collection....thanks so much to her! :*

Torghatten is a mountain on Torget island, known for its characteristic hole, or natural tunnel, through its center. (yeah, it is there, take a better look!) And if you do take a better look, you will also see two people on the left, sitting on the ground by the fire, simply enjoying it all...I mean how can one not enjoy this is just sooo tranquil!

According to legend, the hole was made by the troll Hestmannen while he was chasing the beautiful girl Lekamøya. As the troll realised he would not get the girl, he released an arrow to kill her, but the troll-king of Sømna threw his hat into the arrow's path to save her. The hat turned into the mountain with a hole in the middle.

This reminds me that I havent had my read of the Nordic mythology for a long while and I should get back to it...I just wish I had a real book about it and not having to read it while staring at the screen....but wherever ive asked around, no books on Nordic mythology available =/

The tunnel, with a length 160 m, width of 35 m, and height of 20 m, was formed during the Scandinavian ice age. Ice and water eroded the looser rocks, while the harder ones in the mountain top resisting erosion.
It is possible to walk up to the tunnel on a well-prepared path, and through it on a natural path., WHEN I visit Norway, I think im gonna actually need an entire year to see it all :)

Two very nice stamps, where the one on the right is from a set of 3 issued in 1994, representing Tourism, while the other one is from a set of 3 Film stamps, issued in 1996...if im correct, it commemorates the 100 years of film...

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