Friday, November 5, 2010

Tirana, Albania

Wohooooo!!!! It may sound odd and sort of unbelievable but this is my very veery first written and stamped card from Albania! Even though it's my neighbouring country, it took me aaallll these years to actually get a written and stamped card from there!!

From all the Macedonia's neighbouring countries (and even further), this is the only one from where I was missing a written and stamped card....and now I got a few blank ones...and all that thanks to my dear neighbour who had to take a trip in Albania...and was so kind to take the time and send me a card, and bring me some more...well, my neighbour's cat is best friends with my two fur we take care of each other's cats whenever this is another reason why you should get yourself a pet...apart from making your days more joyous and happier...apart from giving you love (in the case of cats thats a tricky and selfish issue)....they make you laugh...and give you the chance to have something to take care of...and on top of that they bring you closer to your neighbours and can help you enrich your postcard collection! :D

And as for the card itself, it was sent from Albania's capital, Tirana...and in the foreground, that place with the pool in front, is "Taivani", which is considered to be one of Tirana's most popular restaurants...while behind it, there is the National Historic Museum me, probably the most famous Albanian site....ever since I was little, whenever there was something about Tirana related on the news, they'd give that picture.

the stamp is from a set of two issued in 2008, representing Roman Emperors.

Thanks so much again to my dear neighbour!!!

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